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Re: [IPk] Re: basal Q

>   I agree that it doesn't seem particularly likely, but I don't have a better
> explanation. I suspect that the phenomenon is more to do with the site (I.e
 > tissues around the cannula) rather than clogging of the cannula itself. I
 > pretty low basals overnight (0.3 u/hr on the Vibe). Perhaps small reductions
 > absorption are more apparent at these low insulin doses. An alternative is
 > this is also occurring for daytime basal delivery and perhaps even boluses,
 > that the steady overnight fall in BG is easy to notice on the CGM at night
> during the day, it is hidden by the general ups and downs I have eaten dinner
 > very late on a couple of occasions and each time my CGM has shown a
 > drop in the numbers between 7 pm and 9 pm with no IOB . I suppose I ought to
> some testing to check my daytime basals.

You could try out the slow delivery option for a couple of days just to 
see if it makes any difference (out of scientific curiosity)
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