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Re: [IPk] Re: basal Q

 Ingrid wrote>>>Just to say you can set your bolus delivery to SLOW which gives
1 unit about
every 5 seconds....if you want to that is. I find the normal delivery too
fast, it stings!

  I know about the slow delivery option. In fact when I was trained on the
Animas we set it up for slow delivery. However, the Vibe only gives you the
option of using the BG fingerstick reading to calibrate the sensors at the END
of bolus delivery . This means having to wait until the delivery had finished
before you can enter the calibration and put the pump away. I therefore re-set
the bolus delivery to "normal" (i.e. fast) to reduce the wait time. It doesn't
sting and means that I don't have to hang around for a minute or so with the
pump in my hand after selecting bolus-go.

 Di wrote:>>>> It seems odd that you're noticing a difference overnight if it's
just the speed of bolus delivery that is causing you to require less insulin due
to keeping the line clear. If that was the case, then you wouldn't expect to get
lower BGs overnight. I'd think it a very unlikely reason,

 I agree that it doesn't seem particularly likely, but I don't have a better
explanation. I suspect that the phenomenon is more to do with the site (I.e
tissues around the cannula) rather than clogging of the cannula itself. I have
pretty low basals overnight (0.3 u/hr on the Vibe). Perhaps small reductions in
absorption are more apparent at these low insulin doses. An alternative is that
this is also occurring for daytime basal delivery and perhaps even boluses, but
that the steady overnight fall in BG is easy to notice on the CGM at night but
during the day, it is hidden by the general ups and downs I have eaten dinner
very late on a couple of occasions and each time my CGM has shown a significant
drop in the numbers between 7 pm and 9 pm with no IOB . I suppose I ought to do
some testing to check my daytime basals.

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