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Re: [IPk] Animas Vibe - IOB update

> Hi both,
>   I spoke at length to Animas about this 3 times & they insisted that no IOB
should show up beyond DIA you set in. They were emphatic.
>   Joel - I remember your previous interesting post some months' back about
DIA/IOB and how it's likely to be at least 6 hours, though very much trailing
off and negligible after 3 or 4 or whatever times we set in as well as the
variability of action time depending on size of dose etc. which is why I'm not
too concerned that my Vibe is giving me IOB beyond 4.5 hours (it gave me IOB
at nearly 7 hours the other day!). I think now for me it's more an annoyance
that AFAIK the other pumps don't show this, not all Vibes do this (something
inconsistent going on here), and Animas never got back to me with any error
reports or an explanation on this matter, despite promising to after the 2
Vibes I returned, along with further phone calls I made. I spoke with
concerned and helpful tech team people in US each time, and it felt promising
that they'd look into it....zilcho....silence.

I think if the algorithm is going to show IOB beyond what you set in, it ought
to tell you this in the manual, and it ought to be consistent across all

> Date: Thu, 5 Dec 2013 12:59:53 +0000
> From: Cathy Taylor <email @ redacted>
> Subject: Re: [IPk] Animas Vibe - IOB update (+ basal Q)
> Incidentally, I think you're right about the Duration of IOB, it's like a
> life of radioactive chemicals, it will never reduce to zero, just to a very
> small amount which is negligible enough to equate to zero. I think the
> algorithm shows that and that's why there is a small proportion of the
> still showing. (A similar amount to the 5% that would remain if you're
> about the DIA being the time taken for 95% to be metabolised)
>> On 5 Dec 2013, at 12:54, "Joel Milner" <email @ redacted> wrote:
>> An update on the Q raised earlier about the accuracy of the IOB on the
> I
>> use Apidra and have the DIA set at 4 hr. I have been checking my pump and
>> consistently see IOB indicated more than 4 hours after a bolus. The
> are
>> small and the extra time is fairly short, but they are there. In a typical
>> example, yesterday I took a 1.95U correction bolus; by 4hand 16 mins, IOB
> was
>> shown as 0.12 U.
>> I am actually not sure that this is necessarily an error in the algorithm.
>> have tried (so far unsuccessfully) to Google the actual definition of DIA.
>> However, any bolus will have a long tail of activity, and if I remember
>> correctly, the action times quoted by the insulin manufacturers are a
> of
>> the time by which something like 95% of the insulin has disappeared from
>> circulation. Perhaps Animas' IOB algorithm takes this into account, in
>> case there may well be some IOB still shown after the end of the DIA
>> Also, in the real world the DIA will not be fixed but will depend on bolus
> size
>> (bigger = longer). For a discussion of IOB see link below:
>> http://diatribe.us/issues/22/thinking-like-a-pancreas
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