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Re: [IPk] Pump Funding Criteria

How stupid is that? Don't they realise that will put you back to your
pre-pump HbA1c? Anyway, what right has a non-clinician to change your
treatment regime? Do they take into account any other factors that may
affect it?

I wonder if it is worth raising it with the local press, or your MP?

I hope you do find a way around this idiocy.


On Thursday, 5 December 2013, Suzanne Allen wrote:

> I went to see the Diabetic Nurse at my local hospital today and asked her
> about pump funding.  She told me that whereas pumping funding used to be
> decided every four yours, the life of the pump, it is now decided
> annually!!
> The decision about whether further funding will be made for a patient rests
> in the hands of a non-clinician! Why?  This person is only interested in
> HbA1c results regardless of the health benefits you may have reaped from
> being on the pump!  So it doesn't matter that I haven't had background
> retinopathy for the last three years, only what my HbA1c is!  Apparently
> this person wants to see improvements with each 6 monthly review.  Though I
> imagine there must be a point at which you can't improve much more.
> I can understand funding being withdrawn if patients don't really make any
> progress with their pump, but where people have improved their score since
> they were on the pump, this should be taken into account even if they don't
> reach the gold standard.
> I really think that Diabetes UK should know about this and put up a fight
> on
> our behalves.  I intend to write to them to apprise them of the situation.
> Anyone got any thoughts on the above?
> Suzanne Allen
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