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Re: [IPk] Animas Vibe - IOB update (+ basal Q)

 When I went onto the Vibe, I had to reduce my basals significantly too! The
only thing I could blame it on was that my previous pump was 7 years old and I
assumed must have lost some of its accuracy with age and use. But now I'm
wondering if there is another reason?

> On 5 Dec 2013, at 12:54, "Joel Milner" <email @ redacted> wrote:
 > An update on the Q raised earlier about the accuracy of the IOB on the Vibe.
> use Apidra and have the DIA set at 4 hr. I have been checking my pump and I
 > consistently see IOB indicated more than 4 hours after a bolus. The amounts
> small and the extra time is fairly short, but they are there. In a typical
 > example, yesterday I took a 1.95U correction bolus; by 4h and 16 mins, IOB
> shown as 0.12 U.
> I am actually not sure that this is necessarily an error in the algorithm. I
> have tried (so far unsuccessfully) to Google the actual definition of DIA.
> However, any bolus will have a long tail of activity, and if I remember
 > correctly, the action times quoted by the insulin manufacturers are a measure
> the time by which something like 95% of the insulin has disappeared from
> circulation. Perhaps Animas' IOB algorithm takes this into account, in which
> case there may well be some IOB still shown after the end of the DIA period.
 > Also, in the real world the DIA will not be fixed but will depend on bolus
> (bigger = longer). For a discussion of IOB see link below:
> http://diatribe.us/issues/22/thinking-like-a-pancreas
> A different and unrelated observation: With the new pump I have had to cut my
 > basals quite significantly, particularly overnight (where I have had to drop
> rates by around 40%). This is odd as x U/hr should be the same regardless of
 > which pump is delivering it and my basals have hardly changed over the years.
> know the Animas delivers basals a bit more evenly than the Medtronic but I
 > cannot believe that this would make the difference The only explanation that
> can think of is that it has something to do with insulin absorption at the
> infusion set. I am using what are essentially identical infusion sets, so the
 > only other explanation I can think of is that it is somehow related to
 > of the set. I have never been able to keep a site working properly for more
 > 2 days and according to John Pickup, Apidra is particularly prone to
> and blocking up the cannula. With the Animas, bolus delivery is RAPID (a 10 U
 > bolus goes in in less than 10 secs). I wonder if this is somehow "flushing"
> the cannula and keeping it clear.
> Anyone else noticed this?
> Joel
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