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RE: [IPk] Pumping

Hi Frances,

I have had my Minimed 508 pump since 31-12-2001 (almost 3 years, let;s have
a party!) and the one person who thinks of taking it away from me will have
a hard time doing it.

I am completely used to wearing my pump. Have no problems hiding it under my
clothes, but in the other hand I am not ashamed of it. I put it in my bra or
on my belt.

It's a lot of work but I think 4 (or more) injections a day are a lot of
work as well. I never forget my insulin or pen when I go out for dinner. I
refill my pump every 5 days and change the infusion every other day. (At the
moment every day for a trial period, and it seems to work haven't been over
15 for almost a week)

So I think you'll be used to wearing the pump soon. Working with the pump
will take some more time but it's not as hard as it sometimes looks like.

Good luck and all the best to everyobe for the new year from the


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Frances Dziadkiewicz
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Onderwerp: [IPk] Pumping

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Today i was told that i fit the criteria for a pump, and soon i will be put
onto a 3 month trial to see how i do. i was just wondering if it is easy to
get used to and if it is more work than normal injections? i will be using a
disetronic D-TRON pump.
i am almost 18 years old, diabetic since 1996 with very poor control ever
since, i am currently on 4 injections a day, combination of humalog and
lantus. in my history of being a diabetic i have been on many regimes, none
of which have worked successfully.

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