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Re: [IPk] My BG won't come down!

On 29 Dec 2004, at 18:21, Smith, Beverley wrote:

> When this happens to me I check
> regularly through the day and aim for 8 or 9 (rather than the 4-6 I 
> usually
> aim for) to try and stop me crashing with a hypo and then when I go to 
> bed I
> set the alarm and check it around 2 or 3 am.

Will do, and take more Novorapid then if necessary.

>   There is little else you can
> do.  My episodes like this are perhaps 2 or 3 times a year and are 
> usually
> due to infection or stress.  Occasionally however I do have a complete
> baseline shift when my Lantus (or whatever it used to be) would 
> suddenly
> require adjusting by 3 or 4 units at a time.  This would cause a 
> similar
> effect but did not resolve itself in a couple of days.  This would 
> happen
> perhaps twice a year and for what reason I have no idea.  Sometimes up 
> and
> sometimes down but always without warning.

I guess I'm lucky not to have had this before!  I did have the 
permanent effect you describe once, a few months after diagnosis, when 
my insulatard (as it was then) went up from 10u per night to about 16.  
I couldn't believe it needed to be that high and so it took me weeks to 
get it right!  I was also having problems with high morning levels at 
the same time, which led to me being switched to Lantus.  My Lantus 
intake until now has stayed at around 16-18u per night.  I adjust it 
every few weeks but seldom by more than 1u at a time.


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