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RE: [IPk] My BG won't come down!

I would up the basal, Eleanor and probably increase insulin to cover foods.
If you can also increase your fluid (preferably water) intake, this too
should help.

And yep, keep testing.

All the best.


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Hi all,

On Boxing Day I got a cold.  Or that was when I started getting the 
symptoms.  It's getting better now, but yesterday and today my BGs have 
been awful.  Yesterday evening, after having a normal sized lunch with 
2 more units of Novorapid than normal, and a lazy afternoon, I was 
horrified to find my BG was 21.5.  I took 16u (for the amount of food I 
was having, it would normally be about 11) and waited 1 hour before 
eating, in which time it went down to 16.3.  Since by then it was 10pm 
I thought I had better eat anyway.  Took my Lantus around midnight, 
stayed awake until 2am but by then it was still at 14.  I didn't do 
anything then except go to sleep, because my BG usually goes down a lot 
overnight if I don't eat anything at bedtime.  Sure enough this morning 
it was 8.1.  However, it had gone up to 11.3 by lunchtime - this time I 
took 5u more than normal to avoid a repeat of yesterday - and thought I 
was on the right track when at 4:15 it was still 11.3.  But at 5:30 it 
had gone up to 21.5 again.  So I've just taken another 5u of Novorapid 
from a new cartridge straight from the fridge - just in case - and am 
emailing to say please help - is there anything else I should be doing?

I am staying with my parents and I left my ketostix at home, but I feel 
fine apart from sniffles and other normal symptoms of a cold, and those 
are clearing up.



(27yo, Type 1 dx 2002, Lantus/Novorapid)
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