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[IPk] My BG won't come down!

Hi all,

On Boxing Day I got a cold.  Or that was when I started getting the 
symptoms.  It's getting better now, but yesterday and today my BGs have 
been awful.  Yesterday evening, after having a normal sized lunch with 
2 more units of Novorapid than normal, and a lazy afternoon, I was 
horrified to find my BG was 21.5.  I took 16u (for the amount of food I 
was having, it would normally be about 11) and waited 1 hour before 
eating, in which time it went down to 16.3.  Since by then it was 10pm 
I thought I had better eat anyway.  Took my Lantus around midnight, 
stayed awake until 2am but by then it was still at 14.  I didn't do 
anything then except go to sleep, because my BG usually goes down a lot 
overnight if I don't eat anything at bedtime.  Sure enough this morning 
it was 8.1.  However, it had gone up to 11.3 by lunchtime - this time I 
took 5u more than normal to avoid a repeat of yesterday - and thought I 
was on the right track when at 4:15 it was still 11.3.  But at 5:30 it 
had gone up to 21.5 again.  So I've just taken another 5u of Novorapid 
from a new cartridge straight from the fridge - just in case - and am 
emailing to say please help - is there anything else I should be doing?

I am staying with my parents and I left my ketostix at home, but I feel 
fine apart from sniffles and other normal symptoms of a cold, and those 
are clearing up.



(27yo, Type 1 dx 2002, Lantus/Novorapid)
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