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Re: [IPk] happy xmas & new year

Another parent mentioned about not suspending but the nurse gave me a
logical explanation at the time (can't remeber now). I tend not to suspend
if I am giving around 15CHO of fast acting. But if I am being cautious about
over treating I tend to suspend and give minimal fast acting. we tend to
only go up to the 5's this way. I think the nurse was pushing it so as to
avoid us going the way of old habits. I slept through the first suspend for
45mins extra. That's when I started using temp basals instead of suspend. I
find the alarm is often not heard by us. So, if Grace is trampolining etc I
prefer to set the temp basal. During the night I do same as sleep
deprivation is still wild and I feel I can't be relied on.
Another parent at our same clinic doesn't suspend. I was thinking about this
during the week and thinking that to some degree it seems to me to be about
a rhythm. I think my rhythm came from fear of over treating. To me now, it's
about a confidence in the likely outcome and beginning to relax and predict
the consequences of any action. Once we stay in range it doesn't matter how
we get there. Also they are concerned about the full gambit of hypos and
where they might originate so they tend to work on the cover all
eventualities mode. If I don't suspend but grace is slow in responding I
tend to suspend then. With the query coeliac there are times she doesn't
respond and I am presuming that it's absorption so it is important that
there isn't more insulin adding to the fray. I tend to only check for
ketones on the second high reading unless the reading doesn't make sense in
terms of food taken or excitement. That was the way on injections. Do you
check more often than that?
|How was Christmas for you. Is it just me that found that every day was like
a gift on the pump. I was very relaxed about food for Grace. I feel she has
missed out on so much and is only 5yrs so I opted for "normal". We all had
such fun. I was amazed at the rubbish and sugars consumed but the numbers
were fine. Grace discovered icing sugar last year only to be told she
couldn't have it. We made decorations this year and I let her eat what a
normal 5yr old would eat of the icing but in fact I find that the faster
acting foods seem to respond most predictably with the pump. When not
indulging Grace eats loads of fruit. Mango and pineapple being favs. I love
being able to give her lots rather than trying to make a little go a long
Bottom line. I love the pump and the new world that has opened up with it.
Not being afraid of invites and not trying to fit a square peg in a round
hole with sticking to special times when socialising.
Wishing you and Eleanor and all the clan a magical 2005!
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From: "Liz Harpum" <email @ redacted>
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Sent: 26 December 2004 19:17
Subject: Re: [IPk] happy xmas & new year

> Hi Mir
> Do you mind me asking if you always suspend for lows? We were told not to
> suspend as the insulin on board would still be effective therefore fast
> was first choice (unless you don't have any fast carbs like Michelle!). We
> do temp basals for 1 hour if Eleanor is hypo (or even just the low side of
> where we want her to be) during the night as her night time basals are
> highest (0.4-0.5 units cf  0.1-0.2 in the day) but still give carbs.
> Let me know your thoughts
> Glad christmas went well
> Liz mum to Eleanor, 10,  (dx 11/ 2002) pumping novorapid with minmed 512
> 6mm Quicksets since 20/10/04,
> and to Hannah 7.5 (dairy and soya intolerant) and George 4 (dairy, soya
> gluten intolerant)
> wife of Julian
> >
> > Michele
> > Lovely to read your story. The other night Grace was exhausted and fell
> > asleep with her clothes on. I checked her and she was 3.6mmols, I just
> a
> > temp basal of 0.05 for an hour ( normally 0.3) and checked her,she was
> > 5.6mmols and was same in the morning.
> > p.s. I set temp basals this weather for lows at night as I'm wary of
> falling
> > asleep and not resuming!
> > Mir
> > Mum to Grace 5yrs dx 10.03 pumping Oct 6th. and Brian 9yrs
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