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Re: [IPk] happy xmas & new year

Hi Mir

Do you mind me asking if you always suspend for lows? We were told not to
suspend as the insulin on board would still be effective therefore fast carb
was first choice (unless you don't have any fast carbs like Michelle!). We
do temp basals for 1 hour if Eleanor is hypo (or even just the low side of
where we want her to be) during the night as her night time basals are
highest (0.4-0.5 units cf  0.1-0.2 in the day) but still give carbs.
Let me know your thoughts
Glad christmas went well

Liz mum to Eleanor, 10,  (dx 11/ 2002) pumping novorapid with minmed 512 and
6mm Quicksets since 20/10/04,
and to Hannah 7.5 (dairy and soya intolerant) and George 4 (dairy, soya and
gluten intolerant)
wife of Julian

> Michele
> Lovely to read your story. The other night Grace was exhausted and fell
> asleep with her clothes on. I checked her and she was 3.6mmols, I just set
> temp basal of 0.05 for an hour ( normally 0.3) and checked her,she was
> 5.6mmols and was same in the morning.
> p.s. I set temp basals this weather for lows at night as I'm wary of
> asleep and not resuming!
> Mir
> Mum to Grace 5yrs dx 10.03 pumping Oct 6th. and Brian 9yrs
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