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I've replied to this man Jackie, just a reminder that the Diabetes Federation
of Ireland's website is www.diabetes.ie and includes recent magazine issues,
branch contact details etc. Another good site relating to health services in
Ireland is the Government's Health information site, www.oasis.gov.ie

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  From: Jackie Jacombs
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  Sent: Wednesday, December 22, 2004 9:06 PM

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  Hi all

  As some of you know I run a UK email support list for parents of children
  with diabetes.  I have been contacted by someone from the US CWD mailing
  list with regards to diabetes care and funding in Ireland and I know there
  are quite a few folks out there from Ireland. He had two young children
  D, both using Insulin pumps.  We don't have many parents from Ireland on
  parents list and I have contacted Miriam already

  I have pasted his email into this mail.  Please could you reply directly to
  him, email address at the bottom, if you can help answer any of his
  or give any advice.

  Email from Mitch Lerner
  Hi everyone:

  Does anyone out there know anything about diabetes life in Ireland? I
  am an American history professor, coming to spend a year at
  UC-Dublin. I am bringing the whole family, which includes a three
  year old (Max) and an eight year old (Julia) with diabetes. Both have
  been using insulin pumps almost since diagnosis; in fact, Max started
  his at the age of one. I would appreciate any information that anyone
  has that might help us get started (even if it is more about living
  in Dublin than just about living there with diabetes). I am
  particularly interested in the policies I might expect from schools;
  issues about medical costs and availability; and the names of doctors
  or hospitals that are especially good.


  Mitch Lerner

  email @ redacted

  Thanks to all Jackie Jacombs
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