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Re: [IPk] first chemo

>By 9pm my bm was
>24mmol so i gave a correction by 10pm it had raised
>tyo 26mmol so again i corrected and also doubled my
>basal rate as i was scared of going any higher i did
>bm's hourly all through the night as i didnt want to
>drop low. they stayed a consistant 19-20mmol even
>though trying to correct another two times, i also
>changed my cannula and all tubing ect, finally at 9am
>this morning they came down to 14mmol not low enough
>after all the corrections and added bolus, even though
>i was high i didnt have the usual thirstyness ect. i
>didot have ketones so at least i know i was getting

Hi Claire -

You've just reminded me - when my tumour was first diagnosed, I was 
put on steroids of some sort. Does it shrink the tumour? I forget. 
But apparently my BGs went through the roof. The hospital staff were 
not greatly concerned, as this often happens with people who haven't 
even got diabetes in the first place!!!

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