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Re: [IPk] Airport security - revisited

Hi guys -

Back in Germany now after an acceptably pleasant week with my 
parents-in-law in Chester. Only one major row with my father-in-law 
about whether my 3-year-old son should or shouldn't go out wearing a 
coat. Excuse me, he is my son, and if I say he wears a coat, he does. 
That's non-negotiable. Hey ho. Perhaps we've been in Germany too long 
- we've started to adopted German habits and standards...

Anyhow... I only narrowly avoided total disaster on the pump front. 
Remember how I vaguely mentioned I'd travelled "lite"? Well, I'd been 
there 2 days, and the "Lo Battery" warning came up on my pump. I've 
got boxes of batteries back in Germany, and being a stubborn old sod, 
I refused to go out and buy any in Britain. So I went into low energy 
consumption mode. No backlight, never using audio boluses. (Although 
I do accept that pushing insulin out of the pump is what actually 
consumes most of the power.) I also didn't have an emergency syringe 
in my bag - that seems to have disappeared at my last bag clear out. 
So I was actually sailing very close to the wind. Silly me. But in 
the event I got back to Germany safely before the batteries gave up 

Then on Christmas morning (still with almost flat batteries) I was 
woken at 4:30am not by our 3-year-old son Christopher unpacking his 
stocking, nor by Father Christmas, but by my pump alarm going off! 
Out of insulin. In the general stress and chaos that seems to typify 
these occasions, I'd forgotten to check it before I went to bed. So I 
tiptoed into the bathroom (so as not to wake my wife and son) and 
refilled my reservoir. BG was 15. Had I missed quite a lot of basal 
rate? Dunno. But I took 5 units as correction, and when I woke at 8am 
it was about 8. Christopher had been told that if he saw Father 
Christmas, Father Christmas wouldn't leave any presents at all - so 
when he woke up he was frightened to check his stocking, in case 
Father Christmas was still around somewhere. Ah, the joys of 

On the return flight (Manchester-Zurich) my bags, pump supplies, 
presents etc received no attention from anybody, and I passed 
straight through checkin/customs/security unharrassed.

My morning basals seem to have settled down. Or rather my body is 
happy with what it's getting... So no more drama to report on that 

Oh, and Happy New Year to everyone :-)

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