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[IPk] Happy Pumping

Just a line to say hope everyone has had a very good Christmas and to
send best wishes for 2004.  I would also like to add my thanks to
everyone at insulin pumpers and to John re information which enabled me
to secure funding for a pump last summer.  I have got nearly six months
of pumping under my belt and would not have even got started if I had
not had access to this site and all the information that comes from
experienced users.

Certainly in this area it looks as if it will be a while before pump
therapy is actually offered to people together with a good back support.
I am trying to get involved in diabetes education in out health trust
but it is a very slow process as everyone seems to be waiting to see
what is happening elsewhere and meanwhile scarce resources are not being
directed towards diabetes care.  Hopefully things will change.  I feel
very, very lucky to be using a pump after 36 years of injections and I
love the fine-tuning. The only thing I dont like are the odd times when
the cannula kinks and things go hey wire so quickly.  Blood sugars seem
to be like a demon shooting ever upwards until insulin is securely on
board again one way or another which usually isnt very convenient!  But
it has only happened 3 times so I shouldnt moan.

I have had my first ever mince pie or two this Christmas with no ill
effects!  With injections I didnt bolus yet more insulin after a meal
for things like that, just used to decline.

I believe Nanette you have small insulin requirements.  It was
interesting to read of someone who sounded remarkably like me.  I need
about 20u/day with a basal amount set at between 8  9units/day.  Either
there is something odd with me or I am just insulin sensitive as with
36years on the diabetes clock I am not developing resistance.  However,
if I get an interruption in insulin flow bs go high very quickly and
then I have to put in loads more insulin than normal and it takes a
while to react properly.  Boxing Day was such an evening and I had
difficulty working out whether problem was because I had finished night
duty that day, eaten far too much or the insulin flow or all three!  The
cannula did have a kink so that presumably was it, but I had pumped in
nearly 30 units in total (could have been a lot of mince pies!!!).

HAPPY 2004

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