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RE: [IPk] Pump Funding


I've been tackling the subject of backdating recently.

I wrote to my PCT in May to apply for funding for Sam.  It took 7 months and 
about 26 phone calls, but we are now getting ongoing consumables provided.  We 
have now moved on to Stage 2, which is a second application for backdated 
reimbursed post 26 Feb 2003, as the PCT would only deal with one issue at a 
time.  This is looking hopeful, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

With John's help (thanks again for all your help!) and the support of list 
members, I was able to name 6 PCTs that had reimbursed patients.  There may be 
others, but as ever it's somewhat hit and miss.

Hope this helps.

Seasons Greetings to everyone.

Father of Sam, aged 9, dx 7+ yrs
Pumping 2+ yrs (Paradigm 6 mths)

>===== Original Message From "Graham Ford" <email @ redacted> =====
>Hi John,
>This is very interesting.
>I'm in Scotland, and you will probably be aware that Health is a devolved
>matter under the Scottish Parliament. (That said, I would hope this is an
>area where it would be acknowledged by the "powers that be" that there needs
>to be consistency throughout the UK. The Scottish equivalent of NICE did,
>after all, fully endorse the NICE guidelines last year.)
>In the Lothians, where I stay, we have recently been advised that those who
>were existing pump users when the guidelines took effect will receive a
>one-off payment of #500.00 sometime (soon?) which is meant to cover 6 months
>consumables(!!) to 31st March 2004. I understand (although I might be wrong)
>that people who went on to a pump after the guidelines took effect will not
>receive any funding yet. The Trust advised us that this funding was money
>they had been able to find and have stated there is no guarantee of funding
>beyond 31st March 2004.
>I - and, I am sure, the other pumpers in the Lothians - would be interested
>to receive more information from you about the legal situation. In addition,
>do you know if Trusts in England are backdating funding to either the date
>of the NICE decision or the date the person went on the pump, whichever is
>I'd like to add my thanks for all you do on behalf of insulin pumpers
>throughout the UK.
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>From: "John Davis" <email @ redacted>
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>Sent: Wednesday, December 24, 2003 10:19 AM
>Subject: [IPk] Pump Funding
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>> To all list members and their families. Happy Xmas & a Prosperous New
>> The Prosperous New Year will be achieved with the FULL introduction of
>> insulin pump funding by 26 February 2004. Both Dorset & Oxford have at
>> after years of pressure, agreed to fund pumps.
>> If there is anyone who is having problems with obtaining funding, please
>> me know, there will be no legal reason for PCT's to refuse funding after
>> February.
>> As long as you have the backing of your consultant and diabetes team,
>> funding should be automatic!
>> Happy Xmas,
>> John Davis
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