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[IPk] Re: honeymoon period

I agree with you that there is not much point in knowing whether
initial use of insulin is low because of a honeymoon period or because
this individual is currently very sensitive to insulin for whatever
reasons. Either way the situation can change without warning! such is
life with DM!
In my case, I had a C-peptide test in order to check how much if any
residual insulin synthesis was occurring, since had there been
significant insulin synthesis, I might have been eligible (after
undergoing several more tests) for a clinical trial of a new vaccine
which had given good results in initial trials that was supposed to
prevent further destruction of pancreatic beta cells, thus preserving a
at least a 'cushion' of physiological insulin synthesis. In my case,
the C-peptide test indicated there were none to preserve, but did
indeed tell me that I was not in honeymoon, but simply someone who is,
and so far, 6 years later, has remained, quite sensitive to insulin.

Nanette - 
who has just spent a day with our eldest daughter who gave birth
yesterday morning to twins, a boy and a girl - our first grandchildren
- quite amazingly beautiful and wonderful - so I am likely not to
participate much in the list the next weeks while doing my best to
provide help and support. Interestingly, my daughter's pregnancy has
provided me with a strong motivation for achieving better diabetes
control to avoid complications. Unlike my two grandfathers who did not
have the options available today, and both died in 1946 of
complications of diabetes before I was born, I want to be there for my
grandchildren - even more so after setting eyes on them finally.

> Can someone explain to me what difference it makes knowing you are in
> honeymoon period or not?
> I fail to see the importance.....
> If you are in honeymoon period, then at some point your insulin needs
> will 
> increase, but you have no way of knowing when that will happen, so
> knowing 
> that it's going to happen doesn't help you in any way.
> Isn't it just a waste of resources having a Cpeptide test to find
> out?
> Or am I missing something here?
> Di
> On Sunday 21 Dec 2003 6:10 pm, you wrote:
> > Maggie,
> >
> > I agree with John that you need to have a C-peptide test to find
> out if
> > you are in honeymoon. Individual insulin requirements are so
> variable
> > that they don't give any real guide.
> > Nanette (who had a C-peptide test shortly after diagnosis showing
> no
> > insulin production, although I only use less than 0.5 units
> insulin/day
> > per kg body weight)
> >
> > >>With the honeymoon period, I wanted to see if we could work out
> > >>whether he was in it, what would be the best thing to do etc
> > >>before consulting the hospital. In the back of my mind I thought
> > >>I had heard of a link between total insulin intake per day with
> > >>weight. ie a unit per kilo measure. In my original e-mail, I
> > >>clearly didn't explain this too well.
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