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RE: [IPk] Accuracy of InTouch software?

On 22 Dec 2003 at 18:01, Jackie Jacombs wrote:

> A further thought - the overall result is calculated on the overall range
> taking the lowest of the pre and post meal targets and the highest of the
> pre and post meal targets as the lower and upper ranges of the target
> respectively. Therefore a reading might be out of range against the pre or
> post meal target, but still be within range for the overall target.

Thanks Jackie, Terry and Pat,
That is the explanation, my faith is restored <g> I was 
looking at each test and counting up those that were in 
range according to the pre or post-meal targets. I've 
checked a few days and, as you say, the software only uses 
the low figure from the pre-meal target and the high figure 
from the post-meal target when calculating the total 

The new OneTouch software (downloaded from the American web 
site) calculates this total figure differently using the 
slot range rather than the overall range so it produces 
different figures to the old software and, because the 
ranges used are tighter, the total figures are worse 
(December so far; 69% in range using InTouch software 
compared to 55% using the new software). This may be worth 
remembering if your clinic uses the software (as ours 
does). They may not realise that this figure should not be 
compared across the different versions. Especially worth 
remembering if you will be trying to convince them that the 
pump was a good idea as we will be. 

Apart from this and a problem importing old data from the 
InTouch records (tests taken between 12pm and 1pm were 
imported as AM) it looks as though the new version works OK 
with my UK meter. Has anyone else tested it yet? I found it 
easier to use, the date range can be changed from the 
report page without having to change to a different 
settings page and there is no need to constantly maximise 
the window but the average line is missing from the line 
graph, the log book isn't as detailed (only gives the 
'within target' percentage and no total %) and the slot 
average levels are no longer shown on the standard day 
chart. I think the information is still there, just on 
different pages. The histogram is more detailed with each 
column split into before meal, after meal and night 

Best wishes,
Mum to Emily aged 11, dx Oct '99
D-Tron Plus pump since 27th Oct,
Robert aged 13 dx Mar '03 
Novomix 30 x 2 (+ Novorapid when hungry!), 
and Matthew aged 8.
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