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Re: [IPk] Re: Honeymoon Period

Can someone explain to me what difference it makes knowing you are in 
honeymoon period or not?
I fail to see the importance.....
If you are in honeymoon period, then at some point your insulin needs will 
increase, but you have no way of knowing when that will happen, so knowing 
that it's going to happen doesn't help you in any way.
Isn't it just a waste of resources having a Cpeptide test to find out?
Or am I missing something here?

On Sunday 21 Dec 2003 6:10 pm, you wrote:
> Maggie,
> I agree with John that you need to have a C-peptide test to find out if
> you are in honeymoon. Individual insulin requirements are so variable
> that they don't give any real guide.
> Nanette (who had a C-peptide test shortly after diagnosis showing no
> insulin production, although I only use less than 0.5 units insulin/day
> per kg body weight)
> >>With the honeymoon period, I wanted to see if we could work out
> >>whether he was in it, what would be the best thing to do etc
> >>before consulting the hospital. In the back of my mind I thought
> >>I had heard of a link between total insulin intake per day with
> >>weight. ie a unit per kilo measure. In my original e-mail, I
> >>clearly didn't explain this too well.
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