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[IPk] Re: Honeymoon Period


I agree with John that you need to have a C-peptide test to find out if
you are in honeymoon. Individual insulin requirements are so variable
that they don't give any real guide.
Nanette (who had a C-peptide test shortly after diagnosis showing no
insulin production, although I only use less than 0.5 units insulin/day
per kg body weight)

>>With the honeymoon period, I wanted to see if we could work out
>>whether he was in it, what would be the best thing to do etc
>>before consulting the hospital. In the back of my mind I thought
>>I had heard of a link between total insulin intake per day with
>>weight. ie a unit per kilo measure. In my original e-mail, I
>>clearly didn't explain this too well.

Hi Maggie -

>I haven't followed this thread in detail, but yes: there is a test to 
>see if you are producing your own insulin. It's called a C-peptide 
>test. C-peptides are a "by-product" of the body's own insulin 
>production, which you don't get if the insulin is injected. I'm sure 
>your hospital would arrange one if they felt it necessary to know. 
>Useful to check if it is Type 2 diabetes in children (previously very 
>rare, but increasingly common now) or Type 1 diabetes in older adults 
>(again formerly rare, but now more common).

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