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RE: [IPk] FreeStyle vs One Touch Ultra Smart

Hi there,

I will be having lunch with some Lifescan marketing managers in the first 
week of the new year and I shall write back with up-to-the-minute news! It 
is bleeping frustrating that it can take so long for meters to get launched 
in the UK than it does for them to be released in the US.

Speaking as one who switched from the One Touch Ultra to the Therasense 
Freestyle back in September, I will spout about the Freestyle for a moment.

It's a good meter, but it takes 7-15 seconds rather than 5 flat. The .3 
microlitre sample size beats the Ultra's .5 microlitre sample. I like the 
fact that the Freestyle uses different technology ('coloscopy' from the 
other meters on the market--Therasense has a patent on it...more on 
http://www.therasense.com). I found the finger pricker that the Freestyle 
comes with to be pants, so I did a little tailoring on my Freestyle meter 
case. I took in the finger pricker holder so my beloved BD pricker would not 
keep falling out. I also added a strip of velcro to the pocket behind the 
mesh zippy pocket. It's obvious that the Freestyle case comes from the same 
company that makes cases for the Ultra, but it's not as useful straight out 
of the box. I can't wait for the Freestyle Flash (see the US website: 
http://www.therasense.com)!!! I may even get one by stealth....

Type 1 10+ years; MiniMed pumper 7.5 years; Animas pumper 4 days
Co-ordinator, Oxford University Student Union Diabetes Network
Oxford area contact, INPUT

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