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> Hi Michael
> I used to take my pump off for goalball but have never taken it off
> for softball. I wear it clipped to the back of my shorts and don;t
> see any real problem as I think I'm unlikely to get hit by a ball in
> my back - and even collisions etc when baserunning never seem to
> involve my back. But I supposed there's always a risk. Then again,
> there's a risk that I might fall over while 
>   walking along the street and fall on my pump....
> Di

Adult softball is a little tamer than most "kid" sports and other 
contact sports like soccer, football, etc. At one time or another 
I've played all of them and I tend to agree with you that the risk is 
probably very low for softball. Soccer is my current sport and I'm 
absolutely sure I would not wear a pump for that. To many hard 

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