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> My son (Aged 10) has had a pump for just over a week.  One of our
> initial concerns was with protecting it (and him) during sport.

He should remove his pump during any contact sport for two reasons

1) the pump itself is a very hard object with corners that could 
injure him or more likely another player should they collide.

2) how would you like it if he broke this quite expensive appliance?

My daughter has been a soccer player since before she was dx'd 9 
years ago. She played in the class A competitive leagues, then 
premier as well as high school varsity. She did not wear her pump 
during matches (did in practice sometimes, but her team mates were 
aware of it), and did not want to wear it primarily because of safety 
issues. There are many kid-forum members that are in competitive 
contact sports ranging from wrestling to baseball, football, soccer, 
etc.... in almost all cases, the do not wear their pumps for the 
reasons cited above.

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