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RE: [IPk] pregnancy and dm

>I think what is really frustrating is that the blame for these blips 
>(which will always happen with dm) always falls on our shoulders. 
>Anything could have caused the high bg that showed up at the worst 
>time:  1) not enough bolus, either due to miscalc the carbs or 
>overestimating the effect of exercise  2)  decreased insulin 
>sensitivity; 3) pump malfunction or 4) the stress of wondering if 
>the little baby is OK (my bp was a bit high too but I could tell I 
>was stressed and the last one in the d-clinic a week earlier was 
>fine).  There are probably a million other factors that caused it to 
>go high.

Isn't it called white coat hypertension? Your blood pressure surges 
whenever you are confronted by a doctor... White coat hyperglycaemia: 
that's another possibility :-)

Carmel - yes, I'd heard that as well. Women without diabetes can shed 
glucose in their urine without their being ill. And protein as well. 
Very confusing if you are trying to spot badly controlled diabetes as 
well. That's where the HbA1c is so useful. So good on you, Ingrid :-)

>I just hope I am not turning into a neurotic worry-wart mother (to-be...)!!!!

I used to love wandering around BabyGaps during my wife's 2 
pregancies. Very therapeutic.

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