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RE: [IPk] Airport security - revisited


I went to Reykjavik earlier this year, and no problems either end. I always 
wear my pump on the outside when I pass through security, just so they know 
I am not hiding anything.  Most times this causes no problems but the one 
time I was "frisked" I told them up front I was wearing an insulin pump.  No 

In Reykjavik definitely go to the Blue Lagoon, we went there on the way to 
airport back to London and it was awesome.  You get your own locker so Sam 
will be able to leave his pump safely in there.

I am a bit concerned about travelling to Oz next week because I have heard 
that their security is as tight as anywhere in the world, let alone trying 
to adjust my pump basals!

Happy and safe, hassle-free travels to everybody,


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>Subject: RE: [IPk] Airport security - revisited
>Date: Fri, 19 Dec 2003 07:43:10 -0500
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>That all sounds very interesting.  Glad you had a trouble free trip though.
>We have bravely (after our last 2 holiday pump problems) booked a trip to
>Reykjavik early next year.  Has anyone any experience to offer, especially
>about security at Heathrow Terminal One?  My last trip was a business trip 
>year ago from London City and it felt like the Spanish Inquisition - I 
>even have any diabetic supplies on me as Sam was at home.
>Best wishes.
>Father of Sam, aged 9, dx 7+ yrs
>Pumping 2+ years (Paradigm 6 mths)
> >===== Original Message From email @ redacted =====
> > Flew to England yesterday, from Zurich. CrossAir flight (subsidiary of
> >- or whatever they call themselves now). Regarding pump and airport 
> >have almost nothing to report. As usual I paid almost no attention to my 
> >all - when you have a wife and two small children and cases packed with
> >Christmas presents your priorities do shift! I'm in England for a week
> >(travelling back on Christmas day of all days...). I had packed all my 
> >stuff - handful of infusion sets, 2 reservoirs, 2 bottles of Humalog, and 
> >of test strips (enough for a 100 tests) in my leather brief case thing. 
> >duly passed through the scanning machine. I was then politely drawn aside 
> >asked to open my bag. What they were interested in (of course!) was my 
> >laptop (Mac PowerBook G4). Once that was out they passed the bag through 
> >machine again, and everything was OK. But they had to check the laptop. 
> >went off and returned with what looked like a haird!
> >  ryer! And proceeded to run the hairdryer meticulously over the 
> >took a piece of paper out of the hairdryer, took it into a back room, and
> >returned a few minutes later to confirm everything was OK, and I could 
> >laptop on board the plane. Never seen this done before. Curious.
> >
> > Oh, and when I reached Manchester airport, my BG was 16.1. I'd bolused 
> >little on flight. But I'd rather arrive high than hypo, which is my usual
> >experience. CrossAir used to do delicious food on these flights, but 
> >SwissAir debacle they seem to have cut back, and they were now just 
> >(yes! selling...) drinks from the trolley. Does this represent progress? 
> >sure.
> >
> >John
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