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Re: [IPk] Airport security - revisited

Hi Andrew
There have been loads of discussions on this in the past. Have a look at the 
archives on the website. My advice (I travel a lot, especially to the US) is 
don't tell them *anything* unless you absolutely have to. If they ask if you 
have anything dangerous etc, say no. Definitely don't volunteer *any* 
information in advance (you just create hassle for yourself). If they want to 
put your pump through the Xray machine, tell them you'd rather not as it's a 
medical device, but if they insist, then take it off and let them (it doesn't 
hurt it and it saves you hassle otherwise they'll take you off to a little 
room and start being awkward). Most of the time pumps don't set off the 
sensors, but sometimes they turn up the sensitivity on the machine. Don't 
tell them you have a pump unless they say "what's that?", in which case just 
say "it's an insulin pump".

Like John, I've always had more trouble with my laptop than any DM-related 
stuff! Except when I forgot I had a set of child's cutlery wrapped up as a 
christening present in my hand baggage (didn't have any hold luggage). After 
a lot of sweet talking they let me take it :-)

Here's an interesting fact about travel to the US.
According to the US Embassy website, you are only allowed to take a 
switchblade with you if you are a one-armed traveller!

On Friday 19 Dec 2003 12:43 pm, you wrote:
> John,
> That all sounds very interesting.  Glad you had a trouble free trip though.
> We have bravely (after our last 2 holiday pump problems) booked a trip to
> Reykjavik early next year.  Has anyone any experience to offer, especially
> about security at Heathrow Terminal One?  My last trip was a business trip
> a year ago from London City and it felt like the Spanish Inquisition - I
> didn't even have any diabetic supplies on me as Sam was at home.
> Best wishes.
> Andrew
> Father of Sam, aged 9, dx 7+ yrs
> Pumping 2+ years (Paradigm 6 mths)
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