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[IPk] first chemo

 well yesterday i had my first set of chemo, a day
earlier then expected. my bms were fine until i got
home, i stopped of at a friends house to give her her
present and had a couple of slices of pizza, usually
my bm's are high for about 3 hours after pizza, and i
gave bolusus which usually work. By 9pm my bm was
24mmol so i gave a correction by 10pm it had raised
tyo 26mmol so again i corrected and also doubled my
basal rate as i was scared of going any higher i did
bm's hourly all through the night as i didnt want to
drop low. they stayed a consistant 19-20mmol even
though trying to correct another two times, i also
changed my cannula and all tubing ect, finally at 9am
this morning they came down to 14mmol not low enough
after all the corrections and added bolus, even though
i was high i didnt have the usual thirstyness ect. i
didot have ketones so at least i know i was getting

After going through it with my mum who is a nurse i
suddenly remembered i had iv steriods with the
sickness stuff. so i think it was a bit of that the
chemo and the pizza that did it. i am now 10mmol which
is getting better. Prob is i now got to have steriods
for the next two days s will have to see how my bm's

at least i know what to expect for the next lot, and
next time i want eat pizza, so see if that affected it

hope you all have a great christmas

love claire

aged 21 iddm since 1996 pumping since july 2003
diagnosed hodgkins last week

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