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Re: [IPk] FW: blood glucose testing in the classroom

I'd completely forgotten about this, but when I was at boarding school (20 
years ago now), home BG tests had just become standard, but no meters, just 
the old BM visual strips (which, incidentally, I read in Balance last night 
are being discontinued???). Anyway, I was made to go once a week 4 times a 
day to the school nurse, who lived in a separate house on the school 
premises. I had to get up early and go before breakfast (which meant having 
to get the front door of the house specially unlocked for me by the 
housemistress - or climbing out of the window which was less hassle!), before 
lunch (a good 5 minute walk from the classroom, and another 10 minute walk 
back to the dining room, by which time I missed half the meal after I had 
waited around to have the blood test done!), after school (meant I had to 
rush to get back for prep in time), before dinner (again, meant I was late 
for the meal), and before bed....... As you can guess, I used to "forget" 
quite a lot to go for the blood test.... At the time, I hated even talking 
about diabetes, so I never complained and never brought the subject up. But 
it was shocking really!  I wouldn't be so accepting of something like that 
these days!!! The stupid thing is they were quite happy to let me take my own 
injections and adjust my own insulin etc. (which I had been doing since I was 
diagnosed at 7) but they wouldn't let me check my own blood sugar???
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