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RE: [IPk] pregnancy and dm

Thanks Fiona,

I think what is really frustrating is that the blame for these blips (which 
will always happen with dm) always falls on our shoulders.  Anything could 
have caused the high bg that showed up at the worst time:  1) not enough 
bolus, either due to miscalc the carbs or overestimating the effect of 
exercise  2)  decreased insulin sensitivity; 3) pump malfunction or 4) the 
stress of wondering if the little baby is OK (my bp was a bit high too but I 
could tell I was stressed and the last one in the d-clinic a week earlier 
was fine).  There are probably a million other factors that caused it to go 

At least she got me back on the straight and narrow to try hard to keep 
things tight....

I don't think I am really "enjoying" the pregnancy because there is so much 
to worry about...and so much of it is in my hands so I can't help but 
constantly wonder what is going to happen at the end. I am also still really 
superstitious and don't like talking about names, and the other day I was 
tempted to go into Baby Gap to look at the so cute baby clothers but I think 
that is bad luck at this stage.

I just hope I am not turning into a neurotic worry-wart mother 


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>Subject: [IPk] pregnancy and dm
>Date: Fri, 19 Dec 2003 08:51:24 -0000
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>Today all that changed by one know-it-all consultant (not even part of
> > the
> > team but of the p-team) on the basis of one urine test after
> > breakfast.
> > it came back positive.  Then the interrogation started about how
> > important it is to keep levels under control (as if I don't
> > know....and after her being told my last HbA1c...) and how high levels
> > cause problems for the
> > (oh really?) and how it will now definitely have to come early.  Talk
> > making someone feel down about themselves and even the baby!!!!
> >
> > On the way home I looked at my levels, and while I acknowledge my
> > levels aren't perfect, these "highs" are one-off and there is no
> > pattern too
> > If there was, sure I would change my basals, up my boluses....
> >
> > But now I am just confused, really really  really upset, and I don't
> > know
>*       I want to be pregnant anymore because it is all doomed....
>Hi Ingrid
>Youll be fine, dont get brow-beaten by a medic who should know better.
>I had 3 pregnancies in the early to mid 80s and the first one I had to
>manage with visual BM tests.  The next one I had bought myself a monitor
>at great expense and wasnt quite so troubled by the hypos.  My insulin
>regime was nothing like as refined as it is now on a pump and HBA1c
>testing was not in vogue.  I am sure I probably had quite variable blood
>sugars at times and dropped badly while asleep.  The blotting paper
>blood sugars were tested by the lab 6 in a day, 2 days a week.  These
>were okay, but very hard to keep 2 hours after breakfast below 13mmol
>but an hour later and it would be 6mmol.  My three children are now
>almost all grown up, 2 at university and one doing A levels.  Dont
>panic, try and enjoy your pregnancy is spite of having to be a
>biochemist as you go about it!!  The use of a pump gives so much more
>fine-tuning enabling pretty normal blood sugar profiles as demonstrated
>by your HBA1c unless you are having masses of hypos.  The main thing is
>to be alert to any delivery problem and correct before ketosis develops
>which is a risk to the fetus throughout pregnancy.
>DM 36yrs 3 pregnancies paradigm pump 5 months
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