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RE: [IPk] FW: blood glucose testing in the classroom

How awful this is for Amy and really difficult for you parents.

I remember when I was at school (just about) and my parents had to negotiate
to get the school to allow me to test my blood glucose in school. I had to
go to the medical room every day at different times - but this was in the
infancy of regular blood testing (20+ years ago) and the meter was about 10
times the size of the one I have now. I also needed access to water/ a basin
to wash the test strip (Ames Glucometer - if any one can remember it!) It
certainly didn't help with all my efforts to appear 'normal' to all my class
mates. Looking back - they really didn't treat me any differently from
before I was diagnosed - but I certainly felt different and was a fairly
reluctant tester (Unless I didn't like the teacher or lesson - when it was
an excuse to leave the lesson early!). The hassle factor and the
embarrassment of diabetes were some of the reasons that I chose not to
bother about DM too much. I guess I was also lucky that my Hospital HBA1Cs
were always OK.

I guess what I am really trying to say is - the short term implications
(Hypo etc) are not really as bad as the long term implications - make it
difficult or embarrassing to test and I am sure most people wouldn't bother
and the threat of longer term complications really is no threat when you are
young... its all way of in the future or may not even happen. I do think it
is so important to make testing easy and it is also important that Amy
doesn't miss out on any education. Easy testing regimes lead to good control
and teamed with a full education should enable Amy to have the best possible
life with DM. Why should Amy have more difficulties than she already has and
be prevented from getting the most out of school?

My thoughts for what they are worth any how.

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