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[IPk] FW: blood glucose testing in the classroom

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From: sam and paul hawkins [mailto:email @ redacted]
Sent: 18 December 2003 16:29
To: sam hawkins
Subject: blood glucose testing in the classroom

Dear All

Today my daughter said she felt dizzy in the classroom. Once again she was
made to walk up to the medical room to conduct a blood glucose test. The
test result was 2.4 she treated herself and was soon feeling fine. This is
after a meeting with the head and a letter to her teacher explaining that
Amy must not go anywhere if she feels dizzy and that recovery treatment is
to be brought her. If Amy were allowed to bg tests in the classroom she
would have  been able to treat herself much more quickly and avoid the
dangers of walking anywhere whilst hypo. We were fortunate this time, I
guess it will take a ride in an ambulance to maybe convince these people. I
had an e mail the other day from someone whose daughter suffered memory loss
for 24 hours after she had a bad hypo at school.

After all Diabetes is a potentially life threatening condition that can be
controlled much more successfully with regular blood glucose testing. If
this means the occasional bg test in the class room then so be it. What
right does anybody have to say that a person with Diabetes is not allowed to
be able to manage their own serious medical condition by conducting a simple
blood glucose test?

Since blood glucose testing meters are the most reliable indicator of
possible serious problems that we have available at the moment and the fact
that the results are almost immediate, there should be no argument against
blood glucose testing in the classroom, as long as that person is capable of
conducting such tests.

The head teacher will make a decision on whether Amy will be allowed to
conduct bg tests in the classroom in the new year. I would like everyone who
knows a child which is allowed to do bg tests in their classroom to please
let me know that schools details.

There are two main concerns that I have for Amy, first of all her health
which is paramount and then it's her education. All I am trying to do is
protect both of these from being harmed.
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