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[IPk] Re: ip-uk-digest V2 #584

Hello all
On 17/12/03, Pat Reynolds speculated:

PR>> He knows how to adjust boluses but we are not supposed to do
PR>> this without consulting the hospital.      
PR> This is very old fashioned thinking!  I do suggest that you get the book
PR> 'Pumping Insulin', which will explain carbohydrate assessment to you.
PR> You have a much more flexible way of management available to you, which
PR> will reduce those hypos!

 As a newbie to the pump (still < 1 week) I couldn't agree more. After
with my DSN how best to assess my mealtime bolus we settled on carb counting,
and my control has been much more stable, with only 2 significantly high BGs
and 1 hypo (compared to bouncing backwards and forwards like a hyperactive
yo-yo on injection).

Of course, there's still fine tuning to do with my basal, and I'm still having
to check almost scientifically the carb content of anything I eat, but this
will become a lot more natural as I get used to things.


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