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Re: [IPk] lack of diabetes knowledge - Adrian

 Are you saying that you went for almost 12 hours without checking your BM/
being given insulin- you said the whole thing took 12
hours or does that include staying overnight  as well?.


> When I walked out of the Hospital the first thing I did was inject myself -
> I knew that my BG was going to get higher than the 10mmol they had tested
> and back then I was still using Human Actrapid + Human Insulatard (at
> night) - so in effect I would have no basal insulin. When I was arrested and
> brought back to the hospital the first thing the A&E Consultant insisted on
> was that the police took my insulin pen. I had my BG taken at 9pm and it was
> 17mmol - would have been worse if I had not still refused the food. They
> then allowed me to have my pen back to inject but left the amount of insulin
> up to me. At 10.30pm they finally decided I could go. At this time there
> were no trains back to London and my girlfriend said she was too tired to
> drive and she thought it was a good idea for me to stay in the Hospital so
> they could monitor my BGs. (This needless to say didn't happen) I was taken
> to the A&E Ward and given a vial of Insulatard to inject as per normal. In
> the morning I was quizzed by one of the Nurses on my diet and was insistent
> that I must just eat complex carbs - she then offered me a bowl of
> Cornflakes for breakfast (well I guess she at least new some of the theory
> even if she didn't understand it). I did complain about the incident to my
> DM Clinic and GP. I was told whilst at the Hospital that they would send a
> report to my GP and DM Clinic but so far the report hasn't materialised.
> No apologies but I guess they feel that they didn't do anything wrong. I
> don't blame the Hospital so much as the NHS as a whole - considering how
> much of the NHS budget is used up by DM patients perhaps the same percentage
> of time could be spent on training staff in connection with DM. Also I
> really don't want to rock the boat too much since I am trying desperately to
> be the model patient - GP is investigating funding for a pump from PCT and
> DM Consultant is likely to recommend this in early January (fingers crossed)
> There was one major positive thing which came out of the event - I have a
> frozen shoulder (has lasted about 2 years now) and had lots of physiotherapy
> over the preceding 6 months with little improvement to the range of movement
> etc. However when I was arrested (and to be fair I was as unco-operative as
> ever after a Hypo) the police forced both my arms back to handcuff me - if I
> could have produced a sound I would have screamed and you'd all have heard
> me - but wow, afterwards the only problem with my arm is rotational movement
> and niggling pain at night.
> Any way I can laugh about the whole series of events now - but my girlfriend
> was furious with me for a few weeks afterwards - its the first time she has
> experienced one of my bad Hypos (normally I pick them up in BG tests)
> I guess the other positive is I am still alive and not sectioned!
> Adrian
> DM 20+ years (Humalog/Lantus for I hope not much longer!)
> > If you were held in A and E for 12 hours I would be interested to know
> what
> happened re your injections?
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