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RE: [IPk] lack of diabetes knowledge - Adrian

When I walked out of the Hospital the first thing I did was inject myself -
I knew that my BG was going to get higher than the 10mmol they had tested
and back then I was still using Human Actrapid + Human Insulatard (at
night) - so in effect I would have no basal insulin. When I was arrested and
brought back to the hospital the first thing the A&E Consultant insisted on
was that the police took my insulin pen. I had my BG taken at 9pm and it was
17mmol - would have been worse if I had not still refused the food. They
then allowed me to have my pen back to inject but left the amount of insulin
up to me. At 10.30pm they finally decided I could go. At this time there
were no trains back to London and my girlfriend said she was too tired to
drive and she thought it was a good idea for me to stay in the Hospital so
they could monitor my BGs. (This needless to say didn't happen) I was taken
to the A&E Ward and given a vial of Insulatard to inject as per normal. In
the morning I was quizzed by one of the Nurses on my diet and was insistent
that I must just eat complex carbs - she then offered me a bowl of
Cornflakes for breakfast (well I guess she at least new some of the theory
even if she didn't understand it). I did complain about the incident to my
DM Clinic and GP. I was told whilst at the Hospital that they would send a
report to my GP and DM Clinic but so far the report hasn't materialised.

No apologies but I guess they feel that they didn't do anything wrong. I
don't blame the Hospital so much as the NHS as a whole - considering how
much of the NHS budget is used up by DM patients perhaps the same percentage
of time could be spent on training staff in connection with DM. Also I
really don't want to rock the boat too much since I am trying desperately to
be the model patient - GP is investigating funding for a pump from PCT and
DM Consultant is likely to recommend this in early January (fingers crossed)

There was one major positive thing which came out of the event - I have a
frozen shoulder (has lasted about 2 years now) and had lots of physiotherapy
over the preceding 6 months with little improvement to the range of movement
etc. However when I was arrested (and to be fair I was as unco-operative as
ever after a Hypo) the police forced both my arms back to handcuff me - if I
could have produced a sound I would have screamed and you'd all have heard
me - but wow, afterwards the only problem with my arm is rotational movement
and niggling pain at night.

Any way I can laugh about the whole series of events now - but my girlfriend
was furious with me for a few weeks afterwards - its the first time she has
experienced one of my bad Hypos (normally I pick them up in BG tests)

I guess the other positive is I am still alive and not sectioned!

DM 20+ years (Humalog/Lantus for I hope not much longer!)

> If you were held in A and E for 12 hours I would be interested to know
happened re your injections?
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