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Re: [IPk] lack of knowledge

 I'm so sorry that certain members of the medical profession are just so @*%!ing
insensitive. This guy obviously has his head stuck
so far up his own back side
 ( I would really like to type some full blown expletives here as it;s annoyed
me so much but don't want to go offending the more
genteel on this list !)
 Of course you occasionally have hyperglycaemia or glycosuria- you're diabetic.
These nerds don't undertand the trials and
 tribulations of living with D: they haven't even got to grips with the basic
physiology : otherwise he would have acknowledged how
pregnancy hormones can increase insulin resistance etc etc
 Amost as annoyed as you are, Anyone like to compile a list of sarcastic
responses to idiotic comments and accusations: something
that would cause a bit of blushing and contrition...

> > Today all that changed by one know-it-all consultant (not even part of the
> d
> > team but of the p-team) on the basis of one urine test after breakfast.
> Yes
> > it came back positive.  Then the interrogation started about how important
> > it is to keep levels under control (as if I don't know....and after her
> > being told my last HbA1c...) and how high levels cause problems for the
> baby
> > (oh really?) and how it will now definitely have to come early.  Talk
> >
> > But now I am just confused, really really  really upset, and I don't know
> if
> > I want to be pregnant anymore because it is all doomed....
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