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RE: [IPk] lack of knowledge was chemo update

Hi Ingrid

Don't get stressed. Urine tests are pretty unreliable and are definitely not
a good indicator of your overall control - the threshold that glucose spills
over into urine varies quite widely from person to person - in some people
it only occurs  at a BG over 10mmol with others its a lot lower - I have a
low urine threshold of approximately 8 mmol - so would get a positive test
2-3 hours after most meals. An HBA1C of 5.7% sound brilliant to me and I
understand that it is broadly inline with what a non-DM person would get.

I would now ignore any comments made by any Doctor other than your DM
Consultant - since the knowledge of DM amongst a lot of Doctors appears
rusty to say the least and their have been significant changes in thought of
treatment of DM patients over the years. I remember having to go for a
medical for a job I had applied for approx. 10 years ago. It was just before
lunch time and I had a positive urine test. I wasn't the most focussed DM
patient at the time and I thought that was me ruled out. The Doctor said to
me everything was fine - it was good to keep some sugar in your urine to
avoid Hypos! This was one occasion when I decided not to correct the Doctor!

If your really worried it might be an idea to talk it through with your DM
Team - or your GP but the important thing is it is certainly NOT doomed. I
would just relax and look forward to the arrival of your latest family

Best wishes

>Well I am going to have my own whinge now.  I am 16 weeks pregnant, and my
>last hba1c was 5.7%.  Everyone in the diabetes clinic at Kings thinks I am
>doing well, if anything running my levels too low.

>Today all that changed by one know-it-all consultant (not even part of the
>team but of the p-team) on the basis of one urine test after breakfast.
>it came back positive.

>But now I am just confused, really really  really upset, and I don't know
>I want to be pregnant anymore because it is all doomed....
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