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Re: [IPk] lack of knowledge

    So one test is abit high, so what. Did you fix the problem? Your
human... I have not found anyone who is perfect on this earth. My Mum who
had 4 kids, back in the days before  home blood-sugar test; was in hospital
for a month with me before I was born... her doctor told her "Mrs. Mead,
once a day your blood sugars are crazy. If I try to fix it you go low; but
if I wait in 2 hours and do nothing they are great. "  So for the 50yrs she
had diabetes once a day her sugar were crazy. I for one would NEVER make a
change of my control on one test... and NEVER on a URINE test... it is
better do after a BLOOD test and away after two or more.

                    REMEMBER TO SMILE AND BE HAPPY

> Today all that changed by one know-it-all consultant (not even part of the
> team but of the p-team) on the basis of one urine test after breakfast.
> it came back positive.  Then the interrogation started about how important
> it is to keep levels under control (as if I don't know....and after her
> being told my last HbA1c...) and how high levels cause problems for the
> (oh really?) and how it will now definitely have to come early.  Talk
> making someone feel down about themselves and even the baby!!!!
> On the way home I looked at my levels, and while I acknowledge my levels
> aren't perfect, these "highs" are one-off and there is no pattern too
> If there was, sure I would change my basals, up my boluses....
> But now I am just confused, really really  really upset, and I don't know
> I want to be pregnant anymore because it is all doomed....

ps: GREAT Job on the HbA1c... and by the way the 4 kids all came out ok and
with only 1/2 the control choices you have today with Home Blood Sugar
testing and a Insulin Pump... THAT IS THE KEY... you can take action to
control your diabetes. And in about 5 months or so I hope you will send me a
picture of the new baby.

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