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Re: [IPk] lack of knowledge was chemo update

Hi Ingrid
I think you know the answer really - ignore the know-it-all consultant today 
who clearly doesn't know it all! You have said that everyone else thinks you 
are doing well - that should be good enough to satisfy you! You know how your 
BGs are better than anyone, and if you're happy with them on the whole then 
great. One high BG test isn't going to harm your baby! Don't let him upset 
you, it's not worth it.

On Wednesday 17 Dec 2003 1:12 pm, you wrote:
> Well I am going to have my own whinge now.  I am 16 weeks pregnant, and my
> last hba1c was 5.7%.  Everyone in the diabetes clinic at Kings thinks I am
> doing well, if anything running my levels too low.
> Today all that changed by one know-it-all consultant (not even part of the
> d team but of the p-team) on the basis of one urine test after breakfast. 
> Yes it came back positive.  Then the interrogation started about how
> important it is to keep levels under control (as if I don't know....and
> after her being told my last HbA1c...) and how high levels cause problems
> for the baby (oh really?) and how it will now definitely have to come
> early.  Talk about making someone feel down about themselves and even the
> baby!!!!
> On the way home I looked at my levels, and while I acknowledge my levels
> aren't perfect, these "highs" are one-off and there is no pattern too them.
> If there was, sure I would change my basals, up my boluses....
> But now I am just confused, really really  really upset, and I don't know
> if I want to be pregnant anymore because it is all doomed....
> Ingrid
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