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Re: [IPk] Re: ip-uk-digest V2 #584

Hi Maggie

Our son started on his pump last Tues, we haven't been given any tables to 
work from. His basal rates are still being adjusted each day slightly. But we 
haven't any tables to work out insulin. 

Ryan has 0.5 units per 10g carb regardless of his pre meal BG. If he's low he 
has dextrose tablets (3 of). If he's high we have to use the 100 rule so ATM 
1 unit of novorapid brings him down 5.5mmol, what I have noticed the higher 
his BG the less effective the 1 unit is and I don't want to keep giving 
 correction bolus's. Does anyone else use this 'rule' and how long do you wait
giving correction bolus's?

Ryan is on 18 units of novorapid per day and he's had diabetes for nearly 7 
years so he's definatley not in honeymoon. 

Bye for now

Denise mum to Ryan age 7 pumping 1 week & 1 day.
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