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Re: [IPk] changing insulin needs


Remember that it can take 4 units (or so) not getting delivered for a 
MiniMed 50-whatever model pump to tell you there's a problem. With my basals 
fluctuating between .9 and 1.2, I usually have not gotten any insulin for 
3-4 hours by the time I get the alarm, with the accompanying high bg for 
want of basal insulin. If I get a no-delivery alarm in the middle of a 
bolus, that'll mean there wasn't any basal getting in for a while before the 
bolus. Sucks!!!

Melissa, who had a ripe ol' 14.7 this afternoon a couple of hours after 
lunch thanks to a kink in tubing she didn't know about when she bolused 4.5 
u. for the meal. (The no-delivery alarm didn't go off until 1.5 hrs after 
the meal, when pump should have been giving me .1 u. of basal)

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  ----- Original Message --> as well as glucose tabs. The Quick Set on my 
arm was
bent at right
 > angles but hadnt alarmed with a bolus of over 3 units so I dont know
 > where that insulin went.

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