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[IPk] Naming your pump (was sleeping with the pump)

 Now there's a thought! When I read this message, I thought about it briefly,
and decided not to name my pump. I tend to think of it as part of me, now, and
giving it a name would make it separate from me....

Deep stuff!  Hope there aren't any psychologists on this list...

Best wishes

IDDM 35 years, D-Tron 1+ year

From:  Diana Maynard [SMTP:email @ redacted]

My boyfriend tells me I should give my pump a name, since it's attached to me 
24hours a day. He currently refers to it as my "portable pancreas" in the 
absence of a name. I always thought that was a bit sad (like naming your car) 
but maybe I should (I know some people do name their pumps). What do other 
people call their pumps? I think my pump would definitely have to be male....
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