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[IPk] changing insulin needs


Ive just had three months of stable, feeling Ive cracked it pumping!
However, I do find my basal needs vary but I realise working shifts and
dashing all over the place dont make for static needs!  My insulin
sensitivity seems very high at the moment when Im sleeping as Ive
needed to reduce the basal to 0.1u/hr for a few hours to prevent hypos,
but when I wake I have to run it at 0.7u/hr for a couple of hours as I
find without eating, just getting up bs will increase by 2 -3 mmol.
Does anyone set the pump to deliver 0u/hr for any of the time they are
asleep?  I dont think it would be possible for long for me.  I just had
a real shock two days ago when having got over confident with everything
I left changing a brilliant Quick set site as I was busy in the morning.
I changed it before supper and thought hey why not try under my arm.
Crackers  I was going to work in an intensive and special care baby
unit.  I checked just before I left, only an hour after eating and bs
was 12mmol.  That was high but food not long in.  Drove to work had
report and checked again, well over 20mmol!  Yikkes  puts one in such a
difficult situation as I had drugs to sort out and give but I knew I
couldnt ignore myself as I think I would develop ketosis very quickly.
Fortunately I had kept my now 4 day old very good site in so I quickly
swapped it over and bolused.  After I sorted out  a few things I checked
bs and still above 20mmol which I realised was the insulin resistance
now present  but  thought I had better inject a couple of units as I
couldnt afford to have too much time trying to get sorted.  With a
vastly increased basal rate as well it gradually got knocked back into
shape over about 4 hours but did end up dropping to 1.4mmol quite
suddenly but didnt feel too bad and enjoyed eating some Quality Streets
as well as glucose tabs.  The Quick Set on my arm was bent at right
angles but hadnt alarmed with a bolus of over 3 units so I dont know
where that insulin went.   I found I was dying to discuss my predicament
at work but I feel that people would rather not know what Im up to and
I think the pump scares them and they are health professionals!  So
anyway Im telling you to get it off my chest!  Managed to resite
successfully yesterday back on my abdomen..

Bye for now

Pumping 5 months DM Type 1 36yrs
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