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[IPk] Belly To Leg agghhh

     Hi all just another really rotten day, i have developed 2 large rotten
abcesses one each side of my tum so I have been putting the canulars into my
     I thought i would have to reduce my basels due to the leg being more
active but, and I know I have a serious infection but my bg's are impossibly
high I am testing every hour and bolusing accordingly.
     The thing is I know people have used different sites and I use to inject
in my leg but is it just you can't use the leg whilst pumping, as I've found I
actually like using my leg.
     In the meantime the hospital won't drain them as they are too big and
hard so they have given me a higher than average dose of antibiotics (already
been on antib's for 10 days) and some lovely Magnesium Sulpahte to draw it
     I cant have penicillin as I have a bad reaction to it, and I have had one
of these evry December for the last 4 years the same time I have been pumping
I am sure its seasonal stress, does anyone else get these?, I follow all the
basic cleanliness things but I know i have a very low immune system.
Some advice would be welcomed.

A very depressed Diabetic Dave
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