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[IPk] Re: Are these BGs normal

Hello all
On 15/12/03, Pat Reynolds speculated:

PR>> However, if I test between 30 mins - 1 hour of eating, my BGs can soar to
PR>> 12 - 15 mmol, but come back down again after another hour.
PR>> Is this normal, or should I be aiming for something else. I don't feel any
PR>> ill effects, and can only assume that this is because the sugar in my food
PR>> is absorbed before the corresponding Bolus.
PR> Don't worry about any results you get up to 2 hrs after eating - they
PR> can be inaccurately high (i.e. worry if you are getting lows, but not
PR> about highs). If you test for ketones you should pick up any failing
PR> sets.

Firstly, thanks to all who replied to my question. On the whole, you have
confirmed my own thoughts that it was simply a matter of the bolus catching up
with my digestive system, and so I'll quit worrying.

I'll check out the various links that people have posted, too. A little
knowledge can be dangerous, so I'll expand mine to a lot of knowledge (or is
that even more dangerous :o/ )


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