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Re: [IPk] new to the pump

Sam has always been fine for removing cannulas & won't let anyone else do it.

 He has no fatty areas to speak of & we have never used his tummy, having been
advised not to. We use Silhouettes, inserting manually in the upper outside
quarter of the buttock area, pretty much as Heather described for her Sam.

 I wouldn't recommend trying Silhouettes manually unless you have someone to
show you how to do it. It is a bit tricky and if both of you are nervous, the
first attempt might put you off. In our case, our pump company DSN did the first
one, so we had an example to follow.

Please get in touch off list if you'd like to go into more detail.

Father of Sam, aged 9, dx 7+ yrs
Pumping 2+ yrs

email @ redacted wrote on 14/12/03 19:18:

  Having only had the pump for 3 days for my son (who is still only on saline)
and having administered the first change this afternoon, we need some help on
two points. Admittedly I am all fingers and thumbs with the sets at the moment,
but :-

  1. Is there anything we can put on the plaster to help remove it. I was scared
to pull too hard in case I ripped out the canula but found it really difficult
to release enough of the plaster to pull gently.

  2. Is there anyone of a similar age to my son (10 years) who is using the
silhouette set to get the needle into the skin. Robert at the moment prefers me
to do it "manually", but has so little fat around his middle that I am finding
it very hard to pierce the skin with the needle and then to push it in. I would
like to try the silhouette but he is very reluctant and would prefer to be in
control. Any clues. Any advice. Please help. We have until Tuesday / Wednesday
to find way of reassuring Rob that it will be quick and will not hurt!!
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