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Re: [IPk] Are these BGs normal

> Hi there,
> OK, having only been pumping for a couple of days, I have to ask:-
> WIth the exception of fine tuning I've mentioned under a different
> thread, my BGs are getting more predictable almost instantly, and
> for the first time, I'm testing regular BGs of around 6 mmol.
> However, if I test between 30 mins - 1 hour of eating, my BGs can
> soar to 12 - 15 mmol, but come back down again after another hour.
> Is this normal, or should I be aiming for something else. I don't
> feel any ill effects, and can only assume that this is because the
> sugar in my food is absorbed before the corresponding Bolus.
> All the best
This is usually caused by the timing difference between digestion  
and insulin activity. High glycemic foods like processed grain 
(bread, ceral, etc.... ) that do NOT contain sweeteners are absorbed 
converted to glucose and absorbed very quickly. If such foods are 
sweetened with non-glucose sweetners. Then this will not be so 
pronounced. i.e. a bowl of cornflakes is absorbed more quickly than a 
bowl of Frosted Flakes. Intuitively you might not expect this, but 
complex sugars require digestion in the gut and this is a slow 
process compared to converting starch to glucose.

When you identify which foods do this in your diet, it is easy to 
bolus a portion of your insulin 15 minutes or so before you eat to 
counteract the high glycemic foods. See the web site FOOD page


second link for Glycemic Index for more information.

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