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RE: [IPk] Are these BGs normal

Dear Steve,

Relax--whoever told you that your bgs would be 5-7 mmol/L within 30 mins of 
finishing a meal may have eaten some magic mushrooms! See 
as well as
for time-action profiles on the short-acting insulin analogues (NovoRapid is 
called NovoLog in the US).

It's important to know how long it is likely to take for your insulin to 
work or you can give yourself crashing hyper-correction hypos (right, Mr 
Neale? ;> Just teasing!). Remember that the higher your bg goes, the longer 
it's likely to take to fix it. Going from 7 to 5 can take 30 mins or less, 
but to go from 17 to 7 you might need 60 minutes to see any change at all. 
It's all down to your individual insulin sensitivity, which you will figure 

For a post-meal blood sugar, your best bet is probably to test 90-100 mins 
after your last bolus. If you're high then, esp if you're on Humalog rather 
than NovoRapid (NR starts working as fast as Humalog in many people, but it 
takes longer than Humalog does to disappear from the system) you may need to 
reconsider your carbohydrate:insulin ratio. Everyone needs a refresher on 
carb counting every so often, so it might be worth seeing a dietician with 
good experience working with MDIers and pumpers too at some point.

I remember thinking I was learning about diabetes all over again, from 
scratch, when I started on a pump. I felt like I was being introduced to my 
body: for the first time, I saw relationships among food and insulin and 
exercise and my own hormones and glucose levels that I'd never been able to 
appreciate. Have courage!

Type 1 10+ years, 'That's just me clicking/beeping' 7+ years
Co-ordinator, Oxford University Student Union Diabetes Network
Oxford area contact, INPUT

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