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[IPk] noisy pumps

On Monday 15 Dec 2003 10:09 am, you wrote:
> Have to admit that I don't really like the clicking either.  Although I do
> find that if I am out for dinner and don't want it obvious that I am doing
> something under the table that the feel or sound of the clicks reassures me
> that I pressed the buttons right!

Funny isn't it? I have the Minimed 508 and it's something that's never 
bothered me. Even when I have the pump in my bra and I don't want to 
advertise the fact, it's never been a problem! Very occasionally someone has 
heard the pump beeping at the end of delivery when it's been in my bra, and 
I've had a raised eyebrow because my chest has just beeped, but that's all. I 
can live with that.....Usually it's only my boyfriend that's noticed, and 
that's because he's quite tuned to the sound now. But then usually if I'm 
eating it's not completely silent around me.... But the clicking - noone ever 
seems to notice, and I rarely do. If I'm using the remote or (as I recently 
discovered how to do) have the pump in my tights and am bolusing through the 
material without removing the pump, then as Ingrid said, it's comforting to 
feel the clicks and know that I've bolused correctly! The one time it's been 
noticeable is when I'm ballroom dancing and the pump is in my bra, and right 
up against my dance partner or teacher. Sometimes in a quiet moment it 
suddenly goes click! Or beeps if it's on a temporary basal. But they've all 
seen me whop the pump out from my top anyway.......and, well, I tend to think 
it's their problem if they have a problem with it! Sometimes someone will ask 
if "I'm still alive" because they think the pump beeps when I'm low.... But 
noone really takes a blind bit of notice, except to check I'm OK if they hear 
a strange noise. I can appreciate that in some professional situations you 
don't want to advertise the pump, but 99% of the time, does it really matter 
if someone hears your pump clicking or beeping? It's keeping you alive, after 
all! I think people get a bit hung up about the whole thing (says she who 
wouldn't even tell her closest friends for years and years that she had 
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