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[IPk] Re: Day 1

Hello all
On 13/12/03, email @ redacted speculated:

S> Good luck on the first few days. As for sleeping, I was worried but found
 S> that the pump tends to just 'go with me' wherever I turn! If I fastened it
S> to anything I tended to roll on it. I just put it on whatever side I was
S> lying on. Only thing you've got to
S> remember is to get a hold of it if you get out of bed in the night! (But I
S> don't
S> find this a problem)! Only thing that kept me awake at first was the
S> 'clicking' of the basals! But doesn't bother me now! Helen

Given that I only had a half baked plan for the first night, it seems to be
working pretty well. I keep a sock on (Right sock ATM since the pump is on my
right side) and put the pump on my inside ankle just above the foot - then it
doesn't get in the way however I sleep, and I can forget about it until
morning, even if I get up for the loo, since it comes with me all by itself.
I'm toying with the idea of a "Custom" sock with the toes cut out (I hate my
feet being strangled in the night) as a more permanent solution.

The tubing is plenty long enough to accomodate, even at my 6 feet tall height,
and only moves slightly around my ankle, being pushed by the mattress so that
I'm not lay on it, so right now, I'm failrly happy with the solution.

As for the clicking - yeah - got that, but I'll get used to it :o)

 On the downside, day one I had fabulous BGs compared with normal, but will
have had the previous nights Lantus in my system. Yesterday, evening BGs were
high and I had my first 5am Hypo for a long time, but this is down to fine
tuning, and hopefully, I'll get that licked as well.

On the plus side, I can now compensate for whatever I eat, which should mean,
once my basal is sorted out, so I will be too :o))


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