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RE: RE: [IPk] bg testing in schools

> His wife is type 2 and thus uses insulin. She has suffered several serious
> hypo's which I believe have required the attendance of an ambulance.
> The couple will soon be trying for a baby so I would imagine she would be
> thinking of tight control before she becomes pregnant. In my daughters case
> she has difficulty in telling the difference between highs and lows, so if
> she is able to we like to test to avoid hyperglycaemia.
> Are you both aware of the complications of continual high sugars?

Hi Paul,

 That's good then, at least they are aware of the dangers. In the circumstances
I find it difficult to understand why he needs time to think about your DD
testing in class!

 I'm sure my brother is aware of the dangers of constant high BGs and I
certainly am having two children with diabetes (DD, aged 11, diagnosed 4 years
ago and using a pump and DS, aged 13, diagnosed in March). I never know how to
approach the subject with my brother as I don't want to nag. He has gone back to
twice daily injections of mixed insulins after MDI for several years and is on
what sounds like a very high dose of 120 units a day. I wonder if he might be a
type 2 as, although he was diagnosed in his early twenties (about 13 years ago)
and has a slim build, his diabetes was controlled with diet and tablets for the
first two years. My impression is that he has given up and his clinic is no
help. When we visit he will sometimes do a test with my daughter's meter and his
BG is always above 15 mmol.

Best wishes,

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